Anonymous asked: "Let us play hide and seek I will hide and you shall seek If you find me you can fuck me If you don't, I'm in the cupboard." - angel anon xx


asexyjaye replied to your post:imagine john using a tenga cup while thinking…
I’m looking up tenga cups, but they’re not telling how they work, so what do they do?
open the cup, lubricant it and put your dik inside it and enjoy

imagine john using a tenga cup while thinking about how sherlock would suck his d uwu

thebusylilbee replied to your post:thebusylilbee replied to your post:dom john hates…
and the burning sensation on his cheek makes him a hard and he surrenders and spreads his legs wide to offer his lil bum to his daddy saying “I’m still yours daddy I’m I’m still yours”
have i ever mention how much i love you

thebusylilbee replied to your post:dom john hates it when sub sherlock’s client is a…
he reminds sub!lock who is real daddy is immediately after the client is gone
“d, daddy i was just trying to talk with my clien-“
and before he finishes his sentence he got another spank on his cute lil bum



Imagine waxing your favorite character’s most sensitive area for them whilst telling them how you’re going to use the extra sensitivity against them later.


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dom john hates it when sub sherlock’s client is a dom

Anonymous asked: since there is LockLock is there also JohnJohn?

yeah there should have a ship like this

Anonymous asked: what if Victor married/ returns to/ fucks Sherlock bec Victor thinks jealous/heartborken John is really cute/hot and Victor is really after John

eeeeeeerm no i dont think he will be this kind of person, hes a nice, sad old friend sherlock has in my mind
at least my versions victor wont do thing like this hes sherlocks friend he cares sherlock more than john

im so thirsty for janine pegging sherlock and punishing him for lying to janine and all sherlock can do is crying and moaning and saying sorry to her
and when sherlock comes janine took some pictures of her pegging sherl and upload it while sherlock keep begging uwu eHEHEHEHEHE